Plant and Animal Interdependence

So...we are all experts in certain topics that we studied. We learned from doing, watching others, looking at videos, reading information, and other ways too. This makes us "experts" with knowledge to share with an audience. Our audience can learn from each of us. This is what you will do! So now, click on the Plant and Animal Interdependence Information and Research Project.


We will explore sharks. Are they dangerous? Are they evil? Are they endangered? Should we care?
Then we will create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) using iMovie on the iPad. Are you READY?

Let's Save the Endangered Species

Check out these public service announcements! We can all do our part!
Check out these iBooks! We can teach others to save endangered species!

Listen to these animal audio books developed by students!

Read some books about animals written by student authors!

Watch some videos. Learn about sea animals.

Animal Adaptation

Animal Behavior

Observe Ants in Greece Working Together
Learn about the ways that ants cooperate and share the work. Observe these ants from Greece in their habitat. Pay close attention. What do you see? What are they doing this? What might happen next? How could you design an experiment to learn about the ants' behavior or something else?

The Ants Go Marching On from Mr Czarka on Vimeo.

Observe Bees Pollinating Flowers
Scientists observe animal behaviors up close. Be a scientist. Watch this video of a bee 'buzzing' around some flowers. Observe the bee's behavior.

1. Think about what you know about bees.
2. Then watch the video. Write what you observe. Think about these questions:
  • How does the bee move?
  • Do you notice any patterns in the bee's movement?
  • How does the bee interact with the flowers?
  • Do you discover any new information about bees?

Observe Bees Pollinating Flowers from Justin Czarka on Vimeo.

So....what did you learn about bees?

Observe Menhaden, a Fish Species
What pattern in animal behaviors do you observe? What actions do the fish do? What may they actions be in response to? Pick a behavior and record how many times the fish exhibits the behavior? Think about how the fish are moving...and why!

Menhaden Swarm the Bronx from Mr Czarka on Vimeo.

Look Closely: What animals do you see? What behaviors do see you?
Watch the video and think about what is captured in the video. How could you improve the video to show different animal behaviors? What do you want to study about this animal in your neighborhood? How could we go about studying the animal?

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