Here are MANY ways to read (or get) books online. FOR FREE!! Then write about what you read. What interested you? Made you curious to know more? What questions to you have? Any connections you can make to other information, books or your life? Get creative!

#1 Myon

Let's get reading with online eBooks!
1. Click here for Myon.
2. Type "drake" for school name. Click P.S. 48.
3. Type your username. Ask your teacher!
4. Type your password. Ask your teacher!
5. Click on a book you want to read. Is it fiction? Is it non-fiction? Is it science? Have fun!

#2 Open eBook

Really good books to read online (your phone, tablet, or computer).
1. Ask Mr. Czarka for your access "code" and "pin."
2. Follow these directions (English or Spanish).
3. Get reading!!!!

#3 ABCmouse

Let's get exploring with ABCmouse!
1. Click here for ABCmouse.
2. Click on "log in."
3. Type your email and password. Did you forget? Ask you teacher.
4. Have fun exploring!

#4 NYPL Bookflix

Let's get reading with the New York Public Library!
1. Click here for Bookflix.
2. Click on "connect to database."
3. Type your New York Public Library (NYPL) card number.
4. Click on a book you want to read. Is it fiction? Is it non-fiction? Is it science? Have fun!
Don't have a library card yet? Ask your parents to get you a library card. Click here to show your parents how to get you a library card today!

#5 PS 48 Library

Check out what books are in our library. You can search for books. Then visit the library in room 306.
  1. Visit the PS 48 Library Online Catalog.
  2. Search the books. See if a copy is available.
  3. Visit the library (room 306) when you have permission from your teacher!
  4. Read and enjoy!

#6 Qlovi

Some books are free, some aren't. But have your parent sign you for an account.
You can download and loan books. There is a contest called "Read to Fly." How many books can you read?

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