Estimating Distance

Learn how to estimate, or make a smart guess based on facts, how far away one place is from another place.

Photographs from the Field Trip to the George Washington Bridge

On June 4, 2012, Class 204 headed to the George Washington Bridge. Take a look at some of the photographs.

Mr. Czarka's Bridge Journal

See how Mr. Czarka took notes as he learned about the George Washington Bridge.

Ms. Gahn's Students Discuss Bridge Design

Bridge Design
Student Group Pencast
Parts of a Bridge

By Slainny, Janely, Yaneicy, Demerson, Thomas, Joanna

By Willy, Leslie, Ivelis, Sharline, and Basel.
By Leanethe, Janice, Abraham, Johnny, Shanelle, Aalliyah, Cristian, and Keyla

George Washington Bridge Time Lapse Video

Time lapse means taking a photograph then waiting some more time go on, or LAPSE, before taking the next picture. When all the photographs are put together, it makes for an interesting view of what is happening!

Historic George Washington Bridge Video

Go back in time 70 years! Watch this video. Think and talk about the following questions:
  • What looks the same as today?
  • What looks different from today?
  • How do you know this video is from the past?

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