Wow. It's been a great three years! We say thank you for all of your help! We have deepened our science background and teaching capacity. We will continue to seek ways to enhance our teaching of science.

Now, sit back and enjoy our final presentation. ~Daisy Connolly and Justin Czarka, Spring 2013

Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) Aligned Science and Literacy Performance Tasks
In collaboration with Comprehensive Science Institute's (CSI) The Perfect Storm

Fostering Scientific Inquiry

The South Bronx Gardeners Club
Garden Filmmaking with iPads and FLIP cameras!
Movie Making Skills

Project Making In Our School Yard Garden from Daisy Connolly on Vimeo.

Children at work! 2012

Fostering Environmental Advocacy

Environmental Public Service Announcements (PSA)
Students research endangered species and advocate for their survival.
South Bronx Environmental Film Festival

Sea Otter Helpers from Mr Czarka on Vimeo.

This public service announcement is about helping sea otters. This PSA was developed by Kiarah, Demerson, and Rosely in The Bronx, New York. Thank you for information and photographs.

Red Eye Tree Frogs from Daisy Connolly on Vimeo.

Stop cutting trees! Help protect their habitat.

Fostering Collaboration and Dissemination of Scientific Ideas

Using Magic School Bus Science Kits to Explore Light and Flight
Documenting and Sharing Work with Pencasts

Ralphie's Rainbow Experiment #2 from Daisy Connolly on Vimeo.

The students shared their experience: What happens to light when it travels through a bubble?

Light Pencasts

Learning To Fly from Mr Czarka on Vimeo.

We explored air. Invisible but oh so powerful. We learned about high and low air pressure. we learned about moving air. We learned about expanding and contracting. But we're not finished. We gotta keep flying...This is Sci-Wiki-Tific!

Flight Pencasts