Log into Google Classroom to work on your Build a Computer Web Tutorial!!!

You are becoming a computer hardware and software expert. You will develop a non-fiction writing piece based on the expert knowledge you gain. You will use this piece to develop a "web tutorial" that shows others (your audience): a) how to create a computer (hardware); and b) how to code directions for the computer (software). You may ask, how will you be rated? Good question! Always remember the final goal: to teach, or help, others build computer hardware and software. If your project does, then you are successful!

Below are some example of web tutorials. They have an interesting opening paragraph (introduction). They use both paragraphs and images to show the process (or steps).

Music Creation with Kano

How to Build Your Computer

Tools and Resources

Use these tools and resources below to become an expert in computer science. You can also access resources by searching Google or visiting the library. Watch and listen carefully. Take notes. You will have all the information you need to write your informational essay with diagram. Don't forget: you are writing for an audience. Who will they be? What information do you need to teach them? What will they already know? And if you feel like creating somethings cool, go code it! Make an app or program for it!

external image computer-programming-tech.jpg

Key Vocabulary You Will Learn and Know!

HDMI cord
VGA cord
power cord
memory card
computer brain or microprocessor or CPU
WiFi access
computer language

Many more!
TIP: Check out the activities connected with these words on BrainPop and BrainPop, Jr.!

Multimedia Resources

(Do you remember your log in? Check your "Digital Learning Access" paper or have your parent send me a message with Remind!)

You can search for many of these videos within the BrainPop app also. As you view the videos, think about the connections you can make between the information you learn from one video to the next video. Think: How does what I am learning right now connect to what I already know? Take notes! Don't forget to complete Make-a-Map, Word Play, the Quizzes (go for the hard one, eh?, games, and activities for each of the BrainPop videos! Produce your own content, and share with the world!

Getting Ready to Write an Informational Writing Piece*

Below is the "framework" good informational writers (like you!) use to develop their information writing. Follow these steps!
  1. Choose a topic.
  2. Plan for how each chapter or part will go.
  3. Plan for ways to take notes and jot ideas.
  4. Take notes, fitting what you learn into your plan.
  5. Plan for teaching others as a way to rehearse for writing.
    • What do I want my audience to learn?
    • What will interest my audience?
    • What will confuse my audience?

Information Writing Resources to Guide You

Informational Writing Check List (English)*
*This will help guide you in the writing process.

Informational Writing Check List (Espanol)*
*This will help guide you in the writing process.

Informational Writing Rubric*
*This is how your writing will be graded!

Writing Paper
*This can help you visually organize your writing.

*Materials from © 2014 by Lucy Calkins and Colleagues from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project from Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing (firsthand: Portsmouth, NH). Thank you TCRWP for inspiring my students to become confident writers.