Coding and Programming

Example of some code Mr. Czarka has written. Source:

Most of the apps and games you enjoy playing are developed by computer programmers (a person who 'write' the directions for computers to function). You can learn to do this as well. It's a very creative activity since it makes you think, design, learn a 'language,' and develop games and other stuff. Follow the links below to being exploring on your own. Ask Mr. Czarka for more help! Be creative, get coding!

PS 48 Students Code and Build Computers

A BIG "Thank you!!!" to generous donors through DonorsChoose for supporting our hardware and software learning. We have some serious careers ahead of us! We use online resources, Kano Computer Kits, and Micro:bits.

Code with Google for Hour of Code!

Help the rabbit eat the carrot. Use code "blocks" to give directions (code) to the rabbit. Learn about "loops" (repeated direction, like a pattern), and other "commands" or directions you code for the rabbit! Click the picture to begin coding!
Google Doodle.jpg

Websites to Learn to Code

These website (and some have apps for phones and tablets) will teach you how to code! Then invent your own app. What will it be: music? art? a game? help you cook? Get creative. It's in you!

Code Studio

CS First with Google

Hour of Code and Beyond an Hour of Code

Kano World




Buy Your Own Computing Materials (Hardware)

Did you get some money for your birthday? Or for inventing your own app? :) Here are some really cool kits to use with the code you learn to write. Some are cheap. Some are expensive. Either way: get creating! Some of these we may even use in class! :)

Dash and Dot
Kano Computer Kit (make sure you have a computer monitor)
Makey Makey

Write Your Name in Binary Code

01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100001
You know what that says? Hint: it represents letters of the alphabet! Analyze the code. Do you notice anything, like patterns, or arrangement? What really are you looking at?
What is binary code? Science Friday teaches us that "binary code is the way that most computers and computerized devices ultimately send, receive, and store information." Visit the site to find out the answer, and then create your binary code project!

Use Scratch to Code the Google Logo!

Mr. Czarka wrote the code for this using Scratch. So can you! I bet you can get even more creative, too! Want some inspiration? Check out these students' cool projects!

PS 48 Tech Tutorials

A sort of archived (old) tech tutorial wiki developed by students to share technology tips at PS 48.

Join the Club! Learn to Type Quickly...without Looking at the Letters!

TypingClub will teach you how to type quickly with fun activities and games. All for Free!