Some Cool Recipes to Try

Try out some fun and easy cooking with these recipes. Remember, a recipe has three main parts: a title, an ingredient list, and the directions. Enjoy!

Student Developed Cooking Movies

CookShop students develop their own movies about the cooking experience. Come, watch, and have fun!

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CookShop Classroom

You do not need to be an adult to be a chef. Take a look at some of these chefs in action. They cook healthy snacks and teach their parents too!

Students investigate leafy greens. Students write cooking notes in their notebooks.

Students investigate the wheat plant. Bread, flour, and pasta come from this fast growing plant. When it is ready to harvest those wheat berries, it is time to smash them up into some flour, and cook away! What do you want to prepare? I'm hungry already!

Learn more about the CookShop Classroom program. Better yet, come and cook with us! You will learn a thing or two!


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