Basic Steps

Follow these basic steps to create a Hollywood movie trailer! Come back later for tips on making a movie project, a longer process!
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Choosing Trailer

Open up the iMovie App on the iPad. Click the plus sign. Choose trailer. Remember, a trailer is like a short
preview, or advertisement, that gets you interested in watching a movie at the movie theater!
Choosing a Project or Trailer

Choosing a Theme for the Trailer

Explore all the different trailer themes. The theme sets the mood, or feeling, of the trailer. This mood
should match the purpose of the story you are telling. How do you want your movie to feel: happy, scary,
funny, thrilling, adventurous? Each theme has music and graphic which match that feeling, or mood.
Selecting a Trailer Theme

Adding the Credits for the Trailer

The outline tab allows you to create credits for your trailer. The credits describe the title, "studio"
(ask Mr. Czarka), and people who made the trailer. Remember to only use your first name for
Internet safety. Do you have a question about one of the roles listed in the credits? Look it up online.
Go to a search bar, like google search. Type in the name of the role. What do you learn about that role?
Adding Credits

Developing The Storyboard

Click on the "storyboard" tab. This is located below the words "outline." The words are written sideways.
The storyboard is where you create your story. You type in the words you want people to read in the blue
areas (not too wordy!). Click on photos and videos to add them to the slots below the blue areas. This
can be done quickly. But quickly could be sloppy. Think about the story you want to tell with your words
that are connected to your video clips and photographs. Remember, you set the mood with the theme music
and graphics. Do your words, video clips, and photographs match this mood?
Creating a Storyboard

Monitoring Your Progress

Look at the storyboard on the left side of the screen below. Then look at the preview on the right side of the
screen. You can see where the words being added in the blue section show up in the preview. Make sure
they fit and are not too wordy. Remember, the words flash on and off the screen very quickly.

iPad iMovie Templates

Use these templates to plan out the text (words) and images (photos) that you will incorporate (put) in your PSA. Decide which theme will fit your PSA's message best. then print those pages out from the following template files.
Adrenaline Template

Romance Template (print pages 1-2)
Coming of Age Template (print pages 3-4)
Narrative Template (print pages 5-7)

Additional Tips for Making a Movie Trailer

Check out more advanced tips for making a movie trailer with iMovie on the iPad.