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Garden Supporters

We would like to thank the supporters of our garden. You are the ones that make it happen!
Would you like to support the garden? We seek garden equipment, planting materials (seeds, soil, compost, seedlings), and expertise. Please contact Mrs. Daisy Connolly and Mr. Justin Czarka at or (718) 589-4312. Help us achieve our goal of ensuring every student is an urban farmer. Because every child should know how to grow food! You may also adopt our outdoor classroom by visiting Adopt-a-Classroom.

Spring 2017 Gardening Begins!

Tree Census

Starting in Spring 2015, the students of PS 48 begin collecting data for a long term tree census of trees in the school garden and Drake Park. See sample lesson ideas connecting to PS 48's Hunts Point Slave Burial Ground Project.

The South Bronx Gardeners Program
After school programming for English Language Learners (ELLs) to develop science content knowledge and English literacy skills. Established in Spring 2011, The South Bronx Gardeners Program gets students into the garden after school to develop their own garden movies and their very own field guides for the plants in The South Bronx Schoolyard Garden and Outdoor Classroom.

Stewardship of Drake Park...Continues!

Over 125 students from P.S. 48 collaborated with New Yorkers for Parks (NY4P) and NYC Parks to beautify Drake Park. For the second year, on Friday, October 17, 2014, the students planted daffodil bulbs in remembrance of September 11, placed mulch around tree beds, raked the falling leaves, and improved the site of the Hunts Point Slave Burial Ground. Thank you, New Yorkers for Parks, for donating the bulbs. Thank you, NYC Parks, for donating mulch. Thank you to both groups for providing tools and lending your planting expertise!

Art in the Garden Spring 2014

Ms. Muzik and Ms Binuya paint in the garden with kindergarten artists. Now that is colorful...and fun! What else can you do in a garden?!?!

Taking it to the Park! Spring 2014

The gardeners of of PS 48 left the school garden and headed down to Drake Park in Hunts Point to collaborate with NYC Parks on a stewardship project. The students applied mulch around the bases of the trees, young and old, to keep them healthy as the temperatures rise and the trees get thirsty! Students received their own seed packets and reusable bag as a thank you! And so we say, "Thank you" to Mr. Christopher Acosta and Ms. Basia Nikonorow from NYC Parks for making this event happen!

Garden Soil Analyzed! May 2014

Thank you Ms. ShayMaria, Mr. Rich, and Mr. Edwin for checking our soil to make sure it is safe to grow food! We had a fun day watching you use the soil "x-ray gun" and recording data in your notebook. Take a look at some of our photos from the day. And the good news? The soil is safe for growing food for harvest. Wahoosers!

Past Garden Events and Activities

Check out some of the different projects going on in the garden. There is oh so much to do, from gardening to art projects to reading and writing, oh my! What do you want to do in the garden?

Farming Concrete: Farming in Hunts Point!

Help keep track of the garden's bounty. This means come and weight the amount of produce (edible plants and vegetables) that the garden produces this year!

We write and draw what we observe!

NEW: Check out the Garden Plant Guide. It is a work in progress. want to grow some food in a garden?

You will have to germinate some seeds first. Germinate means nurturing (taking care of) of plant seeds indoors to help them grow into baby plants. Take a look at these pictures of students preparing to edible plants for growing outside in a garden. What should they do next?

Read your notes from last time planting!

Open up the seed pods.

Use a dropper to wet the peat pellet.

Check out these tutorials to learn about plants. 'How to Plant a Seedling'

How to Plant a Seedling
Parts of a Plant
For garden organizers.
Garden Lessons