The P.S. 48 WeatherBug Weather Station collects and reports weather data everyday.

Study Weather (and Climate) Patterns

Examine and study the weather data. Create graphs. Ask questions about the patterns.
Here are the steps to access the data yourself.
1. Go to the WeatherBug website to log in.
2. Enter our school's zip code (10474) in the "Student Log In" section.
3. Click the green "submit" button.
4. Select our school's name from the drop down menu (PS 48 JOSEPH R DRAKE).
5. Click the green "submit" button.
6. Select your grade.
7. Click the green "submit" button.
8. Explore! Enjoy! Wonder! Ask questions! Think of hypothesis to test!

Watch the Weather from the PS 48 Roof!

Watch the live video feed! Learn about the weather station itself.

Understand A Weather Station

The weather station on the school's roof measures 27 different parameters. Click on the weather station informational sheet to understand this sophisticated scientific equipment that is collecting the data.

Images from the PS 48 Weather Station Data Collection Site

PS 48 WeatherBug Weather Station

GLOBE and PS 48 WeatherBug

PS 48 students collect data and work with GLOBE. GLOBE stands for Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment. Students at P.S. 48 participate in GLOBE science experiments. We assist scientists around the world studying climate change. We have one world. We must work together to preserve that world for all species. Check out the GLOBE website here. OR explore and visualize the GLOBE environmental data, some of it collected by the scientists at P.S. 48 (that's YOU!). :) You can even go an some online science adventures!online science adventures