Check out Spring 2013 Film Season New Releases

The PSAs have been released. Shortly, the jury will begin rating the films to select the films that will be featured in the South Bronx Environmental Film Festival. You can receive early access to the films here.


PSA Sections

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Ocean Exploration

PSA Resources

Using iMovie

Teaching Ideas

Update for Donors: Check out our progress!

Are you ready for the South Bronx Environmental Film Festival?

Get your environmental movie into the coolest film festival around. For more information, click here.

Public Service Announcements (PSA)

  • A public service announcement (PSA) raises awareness about an problem in the world that needs a solution.
  • View some model public service announcements (PSA) that people have created. These models will help you generate ideas to improve your PSA.

Text Research (use the "PSA Project" folder on your iPad too!)

Images (photographs) and Videos (use the "PSA Project" folder on your iPad too!)

  • Use the "iMovie Extras" app on your iPad.
  • Use Utilize a Flickr advanced searchto find images that you can use in your PSA.
    • Remember you must cite, or give credit, to the person who made the image.
      • Click the box that says, "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content." This is at the bottom of the webpage.
    • You can check if you have permission to use the image. If the image says, "All rights reserved," you cannot use the image (unless you contact the creator).
  • Visit Arkive for photographs and video you can use.
  • Shutterstock and Free Digital Photos have images that you can use too!

Know You Can Use the Image: Creative Commons

Watch this video to learn how to use other people's work in your PSA. Learn about the creative commons symbols.

Using iMovie to Create Your PSA

Learn tips for creating a PSA using iMovie for the iPad.

Resources to Assist Your Research

Use these resources, such as graphic organizers and rubric, as you collect information about your topic.

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