Science Everywhere

We are all scientists! Just like these scientists exploring electricity!

Electricity Exploration from Mr Czarka on Vimeo.

Update: Project Squirrel has finished! Students will collect data on squirrel observations around the South Bronx Schoolyard Garden and Outdoor Classroom. Check out the videos here.

Photo of Mr. Czarka exploring acids and bases. Spring 2011

Explore Different Science Fields of Study

Animals (all about the living things that cannot make their own food!)

Energy (all about how objects move and change, or 'the ability to do work')

Flight (all about creating and designing!)

Gardening (all about growing plants!)

Geology (all about rocks and soil!)

GLOBE (all about studying the Earth!)

Habitats (all about the places in the environment where living things, called plants and animals, live and thrive!)

Human Anatomy (all about the body!)

Inventive Thinking (all about using your brain to create solutions to problems!)

Light (all about a cool property of the universe!)

Plant Life (all about the living things that make their own food!)

Science Tools (all about how to learn about the Earth and environment!)

Space Exploration (all about exploring distances far away from the surface of the Earth!)

States of Matter (all about solids, liquids, gases, and more!)

Water and Ocean Exploration (all about learning about the areas that cover most of Earth!)

Weather (all about the sky, or atmosphere!)

Teaching Science and Literacy (for teachers...but you can look too!) from ReadWorks.