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The South Bronx Gardeners Program Spring 2017 Sessions Last Session June 1, 2017 Thank you, parents!

Visit the program homepage to learn about the projects taking place in winter and spring 2017. Through the program students learn English through hands on science activities. When it's warm, this includes investigating the outdoors, including weather, archeology, gardening, plant life. The program's students hail from across the globe, including Yemen, Ghana, Dominican Republic, China, Puerto Rico, Peru, and Honduras. It will take place at PS 48, the PS 48 garden, and Drake Park.

Make a Movie...Preserve an Endangered Animal!

Use iMovie to develop a public service announcement.

The Snow Leopard from Mr Czarka on Vimeo.

Conserve Resources...And Have Fun!

Mr. Czarka uses his field notebook to write down what he observes about birds in the Pacific Ocean. Observe means studying something by looking at it closely.

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